How to Heal From PARASITES

This support community will teach you all the required skills needed to fight a parasite infection and help you develop a plan to live a healthy life again. We help you acquire knowledge and polish your skills through open dialogue, shared experiences and formal training.

Who is it for?

The community is a meeting place for people who want to heal from parasite infections and professionals who work to help those who are fighting parasite infections. We cover everything, so even if you've never done a parasite cleanse before, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

How do I heal from parasite infections?

Step 1

  • Create your profile.
  • Tell us about yourself and where you are in your parasite fighting journey.
  • Connect with others.

Step 2

  • Find new friends.
  • Join groups and start discussions.
  • Find resources through community and blogs.

Step 3

  • Make enriching connections with others fighting parasites and healing professionals.
  • Feel part of a community.
  • Publish your own parasite healing tips to help others.

Site Features

Community & Social:

News feeds

Similar to Facebook or Twitter – DONE

Member Profiles

Similar to Facebook – DONE

Private and Group Messaging

You can message privately or message your whole group! – DONE

Groups & Forums

Similar to FB groups but can have hierarchical nesting. Also each group can have it’s own forum for organized discussions. – DONE (need help building out more organized groups)


Blog articles with healing protocols, vaccine education and more! – DONE (Ask @Charles about becoming a featured blog author here on the site!)

Documents Archive

Archive of helpful documents. Can be site-wide and also inside groups for better organization. Great for vaccine education, healing protocols, state and national laws and more! – IN PROGRESS (the structure is available and ready. Need help filling these with important documents)


Create and promote your own events here on the site. Great for education and rallies. – IN PROGRESS

Health Providers Directory

For our health providers, we also offer an option to become part of our care provider directory. It is the perfect way to showcase your desire to help. 

Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

Booking system

Schedule meeting times for one-on-one sessions. Care providers can sync their calendars with google calendars system and offer block times for the community. 

Sell products


Online Learning:

In addition to our online community, we also offer an option to take part in video learning. Healing professionals can create their online learning course and offer these courses to the community.